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PhD research

Knowledge creation: A working methods selector design meetings

This research project investigates the theories of design management and knowledge creation to enhance the value for clients and society in the context of a building project.

The quality of knowledge creation is an important aspect to improve constantly the performances of construction processes. It focuses on the management of design meetings and on experiential learning to explicate implicit knowledge based on Kolb’s learning styles. An integration of  these two focus points forms the approach to the design meeting that is seen as a collaborative learning process.

The scientific objectives of this research are to determine new relationships among the parameters pertaining to design meetings. Such parameters include content and structure of the meeting agenda, choice of working methods, and distinct levels of skills, experiences and professionalism of the participants.

This research has the following phases: (i) finding design-meeting parameters by participative observation of cases, (ii) developing a design meeting model based on experiential learning by desk research and experiments, and (iii) matching patterns by participative observation of cases and of field tests.



(Research Poster March 2009)

(Research poster December 2008)

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Automated Construction

  • Robotiseren bouwprocessen
  • Modulair Bouwen
  • Bouwen in Japan
  • Automatische bouwproductiesystemen
  • Industrieel bouwen


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Afstuderen HTS in 1970 aan de TU/e Eindhoven faculteit Natuurkunde . Onderzoek besturing draaibank met behulp van pneumatische transistors.


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